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This Organic Rosemary Raspberry Sencha Green Tea is a delightful artisan blend. Made with 100% natural and fresh ingredients, it really is summer in a cup. Its key ingredients include high quality sencha which goes through a steaming process to give it its sweet taste and thick texture, orange segments, raspberry bits and sea buckthorn peel. Not only is this a healthy blend, it can be served iced in the summer or warm in the winter as a comforting beverage. 


Can be prepared as iced tea! 


Tea Origin: Japan | Oxidation Level: 0%

rosemary raspberry green tea

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  • Green Tea (67%), Sea Buckthorn Peel, Orange Wedges, Rosemary (6%), Natural Flavouring, Pink Pepper, Parsley, Raspberry Bits (1%) and Thyme Leaves


    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


    Gluten free.