Green Tea


Floral | Mellow | Enticing


The sweet and fragrant Jasmine Pearls are a premium Chinese jasmine tea due to the complex production process required to produce this magnificent jasmine tea.


Each jasmine pearl is fresh green tea hand-rolled into small pearls. Once the pearls are dried, they are stored until around May, when jasmine flowers blossom. The rolled tea is then repeatedly scented with the fresh jasmine blossoms over five consecutive night. By scenting the green tea naturally without any flavouring, this gives our jasmine pearls a fresh and long-lasting jasmine aroma. We just can't get enough of the smell! 


Tea Origin: Fujian, China | Oxidation Level: 0%




jasmine pearls *rare*

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  • Green Tea and Jasmine Petals.


    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


    Gluten free.