frequently asked questions

why do your teas cost so much?

Yes, our teas are more expensive than traditional "supermarket" tea brands. But it simply comes down to the quality; the finest quality whole leaf teas cost more. We have also chosen to use fully biodegradable tea pyramids, which, once again cost more than old-fashioned paper tea bags.

how should I store your tea?

All tea should be kept away from heat, direct sunlight, moisture and odours. Exposure to these will cause the tea to lose flavour. Our loose teas are packed in resealable ziplock bags so remember to reseal all your bags once you have used them and store them in a cool dry place.

what do I do if an item I want to order is out of stock?

We check our stock regularly to ensure that we maintain correct stock information on the site. If an item that you would like to order is out of stock, please let us know by e-mailing and we will let you know when we are expecting to have that particular item back in stock.

do your tea pyramids contain plastic?

The simple answer is no! Our tea pyramids and the string attached are made from cornstarch, a natural carbohydrate extracted from corn and everything is sealed with heat – so when you are enjoying a cup of Y-tea, you know you're not damaging our beautiful planet! As a result, our tea temples are 100% biodegradable.

do your teas contain nuts?

The short answer is no. However, the reason we have "produced in an environment that also handles nuts" on our packaging is because we have our tea produced in a factory which also produces teas for other brands. Some of the other blends they produce contain nuts, therefore we feel that you should be made aware of this.

is it safe to drink tea during pregnancy and breast feeding?

We would suggest consulting your GP if you have any concerns about drinking teas or infusions during pregnancy or whilst breast feeding.